Why recycling or up-cycling your tech is a good thing!

Looking for a way to save money, save the environment and be creative at the same time? Why not think about up-cycling your tech hardware and electronics? 

Up-cycling is the process of repurposing items to create something new. Arguably, up-cycling is even better than recycling, because it does not require the energy to break down materials and turn them into brand new objects that recycling does. There is no doubt that using things you already have to make something new also has less of an impact on the environment by reducing the amount of rubbish put into landfills. Electronics are especially harmful to the environment because they create chemicals that are toxic to environments, humans and animals. Substances from electronic devices such as lead and mercury can seep into the water supply and can cause damage humans and natural food chains. 

Giving new life to your old electronics and tech gadgets gives you a chance to stretch your brain and wind up with a bunch of cool stuff to play with, charge your devices or store data! And you get to show off your creative talent.

Can your video game controller become a charging dock for your phone? How about turning an old computer monitor into a lamp? Instead of spending money to buy new items, challenge yourself. Look at what you have already, and turn it into a fun project!

Just think—you can make it your own gadgets and be the only person in the world to own it! Feeling entrepreneurial? Sell it or gift it!

Why not give up-cycling a try?

It’s a great alternative to throwing old tech away, plus you get to give everlasting value to your used items.